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Life has led our paths to connect and you to visit my website.

Please take a few moments to become acquainted with the vision and mission of Scharita Lacey Empowerment Global and our resources, products, and services available to include our upcoming events that will enrich you professionally, spiritually, and personally. I would love to coach, train, and inspire you to live your best life possible.

Thank you for stopping by.

Mrs. Scharita Lacey

Scharita's Blog
The journey of Life is such a beautiful passage to discovery, love, purpose, and bravery. As you journey to each new horizon you are met with a opportunity in time to learn, grow, evolve, and forge into the future. The dependancy of your existence will be measured by not what you did but how well you lived. The lives you touched, the legacy you left, and the areas that you gave of yourself to make this world somehow remember that you "were here". Live in such a way that your story is told for generations to come. SLL

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